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Battlefield Heroes – First Impressions


Battlefield Heroes, the free to play casual browser-based team shooter just went into beta so I jumped in to have a look around and drive some tanks into people.

You pick a side in the ambiguous war between pseudo-allies and pseudo-axis troops and create your character, preferably with the silliest facial hair you can find, and press go. Thoughts below.

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Left 4 Dead Survival Mode – First Impressions


To be honest I wasn’t quite prepared for how quickly things would kick off when first pulling the lever on the lighthouse generator. There was that familiar distant scream as the lighthouse lit up. Regular infected began bursting into the building, a shotgun blast sends a Hunter flying backwards over the horde just as another one leaps forwards. Two smokers standing next to each other snag two of us, and suddenly there’s a tank bashing hour heads together, all within about a minute. Never has a game mode been so determined to kill me.

It’s Survivor mode. You hole up in a small arena and then everything attacks you. If you kill everything then everything else attacks you until you are dead. You will always die, often within minutes. Fortunately, losing utterly has never been so hilarious.

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splinter cell co-op extravaganza: part 1


DANTE – It’s the middle of the night when we slip over the wall of the Panama facility. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to sneak in and recover valuable intelligence from the facility’s archive room. Yeah I said we, our mission. The folks back at Langley felt that I couldn’t handle this one solo so they’ve sent me a partner, a maverick, a loose cannon, a man who once knocked me out by kicking a door into my face back in boot camp, Ludo.
I’m not putting up with his crazy antics, I’m telling you that much. No, this operation is going by the book dammnit.
After all, I’m only three weeks from retirement.

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Empire: Total War – Battle Report


There ain’t much we love more in gaming than lining up together against an AI in a strategy game. With Empire:Total War we have the opportunity to wage some of the largest simulated battles ever seen, fielding armies of over a thousand soldiers each.

We decided to employ a tactic that we used constantly in Dawn of War 2, in which one of us would commandeer the hard hitting fast attack melee units, and the other would take ranged choices as backup. We wondered, out of morbid curiosity, whether or not the same strategy was feasible with two thousand men instead of twelve. There was only one way to find out. Our victims? The French.
Time to crush.

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