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Release Schedule Roundup


It’s good to see the major games splurged generously across the release schedule this year, with plenty of gems lurking in the early months of 2010. For whatever reason, perhaps fleeing from the monstrous shadow of Modern Warfare 2, perhaps out of common sense, games are being released fairly evenly over the coming months. For this year at least I won’t be wondering which lucky 2 or 3 titles will win my cash, I’ll be able to spread expense and time evenly, meaning I’ll even be able to play some of what would normally be considered underdogs.

Lurking in that category we have Obsidian’s Alpha Protocol. It’s not big on the visual bangs and whistles, but promises a sturdy RPG experience, and you get to be a spy. It’s a great set up with a lot of promise. If the voice acting and character interaction are up to scratch then I’ll probably forgive lacklustre combat, but so far the warmongering is looking pretty good. Hopefully it’ll scratch my exp-earning itch until Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 come out.

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Demo Roundup – Batman: Arkham Asylum

batman 1

This third person bat-em-up from Rocksteady sees you play the Dark Knight himself as you try and thwart the Joker, who has gone and taken over the most reknowned madhouse in all of fiction: Arkham Asylum. I played the demo.

It only lasts fifteen minutes, but this is the closest I’ve ever come in a game to actually feeling like Batman.

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Demo Roundup – Call of Juarez 2


Gunpowder plumes among the prickly pears, six-shooter showdowns in front of boarded up taverns and quick draw battles to the ring of a tungsten bell. There just aren’t enough games set in the Wild West. The lawless badlands are a great untapped location for a down and dirty shooter.

Into the gap steps Call of Juarez 2 in which you play one of the McCall brothers as they travel from town to town downing firewater and causing trouble. I strapped up my holster and tilted my cowboy hat to its most rakish angle and jumped into the recently released demo to see if CoJ2 had managed to build on it’s promising first outing and deliver the definitive Wild West experience.

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Battlefield Heroes – First Impressions


Battlefield Heroes, the free to play casual browser-based team shooter just went into beta so I jumped in to have a look around and drive some tanks into people.

You pick a side in the ambiguous war between pseudo-allies and pseudo-axis troops and create your character, preferably with the silliest facial hair you can find, and press go. Thoughts below.

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Dawn of War 2 beta – the way we play

Wraitlord MADE OF WIN

The Dow2 beta has been out for about a month now, and we’ve played it a lot. And by a lot we mean A LOT. So far it’s really rather good, though the skirmish and vs multiplayer represents only one facet of a game that is sure to offer much more when it’s released to the masses on Feb 20th. So we can’t really review the game as such, but we can say what we’ve really being enjoying about it so far.

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Not-Quite-A-Preview: Mutiwinia

We thought it was a preview, but then we learned the game had been released on the weekend of the Showdown. But it’s close enough for jazz, so read on for our not-quite exclusive thoughts on Multiwinia.

From Introversion, the self styled ‘last of the bedroom coders’ comes the multiplayer iteration of Darwinia. But don’t be fooled, despite surface appearances it plays completely differently to the inspired strategy game that saw you guiding the angular but strangely lovable Darwinians in a quest to defeat the omnipresent threat of invading computer viruses. In fact, if I was pushed to make a comparison, I’d say that Multiwinia, in some respects, is a lot more like pinball.

Why? Find out beneath the cut.
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Dante – The Political Machine

“Texas is lost, move our forces to Florida, we must defend it at all costs”

No, I’m not playing Defcon, or World in Conflict, but an entirely different kind of strategy game, if it can even be classified as such, this is the Political Machine 2008 and I’m taking Barack Obama to the White House.

GalCiv creators Stardock first released The Political Machine in 2004, to coincide with that year’s election, so it’s to the surprise of roughly no-one that they’ve re-released it, with snazzy new features and cute as hell bobblehead graphics, for this year’s epic match up.

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