Journeys in Love


The sun rises, and seems to set the world on fire.

I have no idea what to do. All I know is that there’s an indicator at the bottom of my view pointing me to the nearest base. Reaching this place shall, for now, be my mission.

The world is a smokey, smudged canvas of shifting pastel colours. The terrain explodes from the earth in fits and starts, half formed stairways arch their way accross the landscape, trying in vain to link the haphazard columns of rock. The world, for now, is completely silent. It’s like navigating a dream.


The landscape is oddly harsh and geometric. The world is full of pits and tunnels and half formed structures. Trying to escape from the gloomy depths I take a stairway up through the rock and emerge suddenly into a glade. A shadowy figure darts between the trees and starts throwing orbs of red fire at me. I fire back and the figure explodes into a cloud of lingering red smoke. The sun begins to set and rays of orange light come lancing through the canopy.

There’s no map. It’s impossible to know how far I’ll have to travel before I reach my destination. I press on regardless. As night falls I start making my way across an ice shelf, wary of wandering enemies. They’ll be harder to spot in the gloom. Ahead I see a mountainous structure and I abandon my quest for a few minutes to climb it. As I reach the top the sun rises again. The view is spectacular.


I leave the ice shelf and press on. I stay as high as I can to avoid getting lost in the unpredictable lowlands. Descending a little I find a a small bridge over a river. Two statues are perched upon it, posed as though frozen in the middle of a ballet. I wander through another forest, and climb twisting staircases and travel quite a distance before realising that I have at some point passed the settlement I have been searching for. I track back and keep looking.


The settlment is well hidden. The monolith that forms the centre of a settlement has been sunk into the earth and lies at the centre of a man made pit. Terrain near the monolith can be sculpted to the player’s will. Here the settlers have created a haphazard pit designed to be difficult for enemy forces to navigate. Carefully placed columns spaced apart provide a jumping puzzle exit from the base.

Players in love have tried many different strategies. Some have created mile high plateaus, others construct huge walls. The enemies in Love are ferocious, and they invade in numbers from their own settlements nearby. It’s these settlements that need to be raided to gain access to the all important Tokens which, when returned to base, provide more detailed means to interact with the world around you. Some allow you to swim, some will enable you to grow trees. Used in combination these Tokens allow players to set up detailed defense mechanisms to keep the shadowy enemies at bay.


None of this especially matters to me. I hop down into the settlement and activate the monolith. For now I’m just happy to have found a home in this wierd and beautiful world.


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