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Man vs Horse podcast!


Hear the trumpets? They’re heralding the launch of the Man vs Horse podcast! Dante and Ludo broadcasting live from the podmobile, shooting the breeze about all things gaming. This episode we discuss what we’ve been playing recently, chatting about Resident Evil 5, Dawn of war 2, Empire: Total War and much much more.  Where is it? It’s HERE!

RSS feeds and iTunes subsciption will be available soon. Feedback to us in the comments.

PS: I confidently announced that Braid would be released on PC via steam on March 30th. About an hour after we recorded this that was delayed to sometime in April. I apologise for jinxing it.

PPS: Thanks to all those who pointed out that the third letter in the Greek alphabet is Gamma. We feel a bit silly now.


Horizontal gaming – the pros and cons of consoles

Welcome to my ivory tower. Imagine if you will a high backed chair, more of a throne than anything else. And there I am seated upon it, and I’m smoking a cigar. I swish the brandy around in the glass and chuckle to myself, illunated only by the glow of my quad core monster-bastard machine. Meanwhile outside, far below, the masses are, well, massing. Bumping into each other yapping about their Street Fighter IV and Halo 3.

It is I, the PC Gamer Snob, always eager to laud my powerful processor over anyone who dares game on a television. When ports are released it will be I who announces first in a loud booming voice that gaming has been dumbed down, to cater for those small minded consolians. Because PC Gamers are smarter, stronger, faster than their couch potato console counterparts. Amiright?

To find out, we must descend below the jump, into the lands of more reasoned debate.

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