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Gaming Foibles – Everything and Nothing

Do you know what it feels like to have everything, and then lose it?

Do you know the feeling when one moment you have the power to detroy a sun, to fly, to bring peace to the world, And then, moments later to be jogging along the pavement, barely outpacing that sweaty obese gentleman with the sausage dog?

Well then you obviously haven’t played Metroid, or Prototype, or any of the other million games that do this to you.

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Gaming Foibles – Quicktime Events

You know what really sucks? Free will.

Sometimes life, with it’s endless grey areas, dilemmas, morality choices and open world setting, is just too damn complicated. What I really crave is someone to tell me exactly what to do from moment to moment in order to stay alive.

Unfortunately plane fares to North Korea are a bit beyond my budget. So it’s down to the world of games to step in with a handy solution.

Enter the quicktime event. Action happens on screen, the game tells me to press things. Win!

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I’m going back to Fallout 3 again for a few reasons. Firstly: it’s brilliant. Secondly: between Fallout 3 and Mass Effect I can’t decide which is my game of the year 2008. It might seem that I’m a bit late coming to this question in June 2009, but that’s because I’ve been debating it for so long.

I was going to write something laying out what exactly makes a game good, thinking about how this affects reviewing, but that’s a really long post and I’m bashing this out in Notepad in about 15 minutes, so instead I want to tell you all about a little something called Fisto! (exclamation mark mandatory)

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