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If I Were a Superhero …

Here’s a comic I did. It’s about Prototype, which I’ve been playing thinking about a lot recently.  Venture below the cut for big ol’ scans of each of the three pages.

This was done as part of the Tag Project at where someone foolishly gave me a slot every Tuesday to  draw and write about each week’s theme. There’s a load of other artists on there as well (one for every day of the week, so follow the link if you like this sort of thing and comment and contact us with any thoughts).

Inspired by a game which I really think is almost, almost great I’m planning an Armchair Developer feature where I lay out my vision for what Prototype could have been, it’ll have diagrams and everything. There’s a load of good thoughts on this right here as well:

Until then, gratuitous violence and the word SPANG in giant letters below.

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Man vs Horse Podcast! – Episode 3


Welcome to the third Man vs Horse podcast! Simon joins us for a lengthy trip through all things gaming. The Sims 3, Prototype, The Old Republic, the pros and cons of open worlds, the Dawn of War 2 beta patch, Rez HD, the crowded October release schedule and approximately ONE MILLION other things in between. Join us! We’re here.

Ludo out.


Gaming Foibles – Everything and Nothing

Do you know what it feels like to have everything, and then lose it?

Do you know the feeling when one moment you have the power to detroy a sun, to fly, to bring peace to the world, And then, moments later to be jogging along the pavement, barely outpacing that sweaty obese gentleman with the sausage dog?

Well then you obviously haven’t played Metroid, or Prototype, or any of the other million games that do this to you.

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