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Journeys in Love


The sun rises, and seems to set the world on fire.

I have no idea what to do. All I know is that there’s an indicator at the bottom of my view pointing me to the nearest base. Reaching this place shall, for now, be my mission.

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A Weekend of Guild Wars

Guild Wars vista

Guild Wars and all of it’s expansions can now be found for about £25. Dante and I have had a rocky relationship with MMO games, and while I’m still fairly convinced that the addictive properties of levelling and the social elements allow a lot of these games to get away with some pretty horrible quest design, I was tempted enough to pay up out of curiosity, as Guild Wars has always had a different take on the genre.

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MMO Showdown – Eve Online

The final frontier awaits us in part two of our MMO Showdown. Eve Online, the fabled origin of many great stories, and often hailed as one of the most obtuse and user-unfriendly games of all time. As PC gamers, we consider this a challenge, and so out of masochistic curiosity we signed up for the Eve Online 14 day free trial. Our thoughts below.

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MMO Showdown – World of Warcraft

Our characters did not look like this.

Our characters did not look like this.

Hello again noble readers and welcome to the second instalment in our thrilling MMOdown, where Ludo and I, two long term gamers who nevertheless have next to no experience with the dreaded muhmorpuhga genre, give the genre a whirl in an attempt to understand the attraction.

Last week Ludo spoke of our experience with City of Heroes, which was refreshingly dynamic entry in a field we’d always seen as bit stale and static. We enjoyed our time in Paragon City a lot, but probably won’t be taking up a subscription and instead will await, with baited breath, the beta for spiritual successor Champions Online.

This week we decide to go for the big daddy, the heavy hitter, the MMO which defines all others: World of Warcraft. Read more after the jump.

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MMO Showdown – City of Heroes

Welcome to the MMO Showdown!

MMO games have cast a great big hole in our gaming knowledge for quite a while. We have always been reluctant to get involved with them because of the sheer amount of time they require. There were always other things we’d rather be playing. However, our ignorance has ingrained in us a very prejudiced view, one that we suspect is widely held among non-MMO players. ‘MMOs are boring, MMOs are too slow, all it is is kill quests, item gathering, stat-gazing and crafting – and all those things are boring, boring boring.’ But we will not be slaves to those opinions! Striking out into the wilderness to drag back the battered carcass of the Truth, Man vs Horse is engineering an MMO showdown. We’ll play three of the most popular MMOs of recent years, and pass unto them definitive judgement. Find links to our other trials below.

World of Warcraft

Eve Online

The Concludening

As much as we are slaves to the Truth, we are also slaves to poverty. So we tried free trials for each of the games, and, aware of the slowburn nature of many muhmorpurguhs we gave each a solid Sunday of play, about 6 or 7 hours. First up was superhero sim City of Heroes. How did it fare? Read on, good reader…

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