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Dante: Today in Garry’s Mod – Part Two… At Last

I recently realised that I never got around to posting more of our Garry’s Mod madness, despite talking about it some time ago, I assume you’ve all  been waiting with baited breath, so here it comes, part two!

Project 2: Hot Air Balloon

During one of our earlier, less successful adventures in crackpot inventing my associate Ludo endeavoured to construct a ‘Death Train’ using on extremely heavy metal cylinder as the base. Of course the thing barely crawled along, so to lighten the load he attached a bevy of balloons to one end. The resulting monstrosity was significantly more mobile, not to mention festive and it was then that the idea spawned. To build a hot air balloon, one that would rise majestically to the heavens, to soar, to touch the skybox!

This would be our noble vehicle.

Okay, I admit, it’s not the most inspiring or elegant transport, but it was spacious, roomy and most importantly didn’t need me to spend half and hour assembling it. Note the thrusters on the bottom, these are to be used to give it a kick start if necessary and to bring it down to earth once it’s mission was complete. And who would be our pilot for this historic occasion? Who would have the honour of riding this heavenly conveyance? What man was brave enough to face this danger?  Me? God no, I sent Ludo:

After all, if he dies in the attempt at least I’ll be left to engineer the dumpstercruiser mk 2. With some handy boxes inside to stand on, he can peer out from the top, seeing the progress of the mission while keeping me in complete safety. Unfortunately the dullard was too awestruck to take any pictures, so those magnificent vistas cannot be shared here.

Soon it was time for launch, as Ludo climbed aboard his iron steed I released my hold upon it, gave it a minor nudge with the thrusters and watched it soar!

Look at it go! It flew steadily yet majestically into the clouds, cruising elegantly upward.

Until it was just a speck in the distance.

Hearing the mission complete from our intrepid pilot,  I gave the order to fire retro rockets and return her to earth.

Hmnnn, she seems to be coming down rather faster than she went up. Still if it crashes it’ll only hurt Ludo, and he’s expendable.

Yep, I’m safe down here on the ground.


Dante, battered and bruised, bidding you farewell.


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