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Savygamer Dragon

Here’s an image I entered into a competition to win a free copy of Dragon Age which, sadly, did not win. But no matter! In honour of the imminent release of Dragon Age, about which I’m painfully excited, this image shall occupy the top of our blog feed for a bit. It’s name is Maliferous the Wrathful Wrecker of Worlds. It’s a she.


Journeys in Love


The sun rises, and seems to set the world on fire.

I have no idea what to do. All I know is that there’s an indicator at the bottom of my view pointing me to the nearest base. Reaching this place shall, for now, be my mission.

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The Gaming Intangibles

world of goo 1

American sports commentators have a wonderful expression that they use to describe a general sense of ‘where the team is at’. The team’s morale, how well they gel with their coach and their sense of team spirit are all referred to loosely as ‘the intangibles’. It’s a term reserved for those elements that can’t really be measured, but which undoubtedly have an impact on the team’s performance.

I’ve been thinking about the intangibles in games, those small elements that, while difficult to quantify, can help to elevate a title from being simply pretty good to something great.

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The Death of an Adventure Game

room 2 - street

Herein lies the ghost of an adventure game that never was. Rather than let hard work stagnate alone in a folder on my PC I thought I’d give the assets some air and let them run free in the boundless back garden that is the Internet.

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If I Were a Superhero …

Here’s a comic I did. It’s about Prototype, which I’ve been playing thinking about a lot recently.  Venture below the cut for big ol’ scans of each of the three pages.

This was done as part of the Tag Project at where someone foolishly gave me a slot every Tuesday to  draw and write about each week’s theme. There’s a load of other artists on there as well (one for every day of the week, so follow the link if you like this sort of thing and comment and contact us with any thoughts).

Inspired by a game which I really think is almost, almost great I’m planning an Armchair Developer feature where I lay out my vision for what Prototype could have been, it’ll have diagrams and everything. There’s a load of good thoughts on this right here as well:

Until then, gratuitous violence and the word SPANG in giant letters below.

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The tag project


We’ve been a bit quiet for a while, partially because we’ve been contributing to a brand new project over at Take a look and let us know what you think, follow us on Tumblr or via RSS if you like.

In Man vs Horse news we’ve recorded another podcast with good friend and special guest Simon in which we ramble on for a long time so organically that I struggle to remember all of the topics we covered. It’ll be on the site soon. Until then, stay cool.



Ludo – Concept Art

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