Ever watched a drop of water rolling down some surface or other, appearing to pick a random path, as though obeying some force of will? No? Well the creators of indie gem i-fluid obviously have, and they’ve made a game of it.

You play a tiny double-jumping drop of water trying to make its way accross a landscape of household objects such as books, rulers, chocolate hobnobs and the like in an effort to complete various mysterious goals. Get to the top of this upturned flowerpot, knock these nuts off their perches and dodge those cakes, they’ve just come out of the oven and evaporation is a nasty way to go.

Kitchen surfaces hold many hidden dangers for the innocent blob of water. One false hop sees you absorbed into a stray peice of kitchen cloth or sucked up by a fly. As you plan your route through the obstacle course you find yourself evaluating each item. Is that biscuit porous? What if it’s chocolate side up?

Beyond the aesthetic conceit of the thing i-Fluid isn’t much more than a basic third person platformer, but it’s a good one. The world is beautifully rendered, and there’s a childish glee in making your way through a world of giant everyday objects, dodging colossal slabs of chocolate as they slide down a wooden spoon towards you.

There’s no rhyme or reason to any of the challenges you’re set and at times, with its built in physics and general gloss, that it can feel more like a tech demo than anything else, but despite its shallowness, it’s a shiny effort which makes a great ten minute distraction every now and then.


Ludo out.


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