Man vs Horse – Live from the PC Gamer Showdown!

Yes, we’re here, and it turns out we have internet access.

We got in Friday night, when turnout was still relatively low and none of the demos were up and running, so we eschewed games in general for the day and instead spent the evening chatting and drinking with the PC Gamer staff and Ash from Introversion. The rest of the participants seemed too nervous to approach, so we ended up hanging around for most of the evening, talking about our favourite games and getting a little insight into gaming journalism proper.

We did get to see Muliwinia in action, which seems like frantic fun. We’ll be getting hands on with that today, so we’ll give you guys the full scoop.

Finally. Camping sucks.

Dante out.

Ludo here, bringing you updates between gaming sessions.

UPDATE: We’ve played Mirror’s Edge, Far Cry 2, Dead Space and Left 4 Dead. We’ll give detailed impressions when we get back from the Showdown, but I’ll just say now that Left 4 Dead really is as good as you’ve been hearing.  Still to get a proper go on Mutliwinia but from what we’ve seen of it so far it should be some good fun. Some attendees have been gathering the foam Darwinians given out free to all on entrance, and are forming a growing army near the front door.


UPDATE: Tim Edwards just gave me a satsuma.

UPDATE: Kieron Gillen is wearing a trenchcoat and a tie and playing Trackmania.

UPDATE: The PC Gamer Panel Show just finished, I managed to grab a quick word with Paul Barnett before he shot off with the writers to have a meal somewhere. He has decreed, with inimitable Paul Barnett enthusiasm, that I should play Greenskins. Because, and I quote, “they are awesome”. Also Ross does a great Heavy impression.

UPDATE: We can independantly confirm that John Walker is indeed lovely.

UPDATE: Tim Edwards gave us some apples – then we played Company of Heroes, 3 on 3 vs the computer. Whatever you do, people, don’t fight the Panzer Elite on hard. I’m already getting the shakes for Left 4 Dead. We’re going to have another crack at Far Cry 2 in a bit as all I did when I played it was crash a car, fall off a bridge and get shot.

UPDATE: Played Far Cry 2 again. Shit went down. It involved a flamethrower and a lumberyard, not many survived.

UPDATE: The COD4 finals happened, they were nuts and we didn’t know what was going on. The TF2 finals happened and we are realised that we are so, so bad at TF2.

It’s all over, now all we have to to is write it all up. The event was brilliant and we had loads of fun, many thanks to all the folks who set it up, hardworking Multiplay peeps, the gam devs who travelled hundreds of miles to show their games, and of course the PCG crew, who are a great bunch of folk. From what we’ve seen and heard, it’s going to be a great Christmas for PC Gaming. We’ll have previews and writeups on the site over the next few days. See you then.


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