Internet Get!

As we’ve detailed before we’ve recently moved into a new house and found ourselves stranded and internetless. Posting either from work or from a laptop balanced on Ludo’s windowsill (the only place in the house we can find a hijackable network). Those were desperate times, but I’m pleased to announce they are now finished.

Yesterday we received our internet connection, we had to literally pay a man to wait in our house and let the cable guys in in order to do so before October, but we got there dammnit. Anyway, now that it’s up and running again we’ll be able to post with greater efficiency and frequency, the long dark night is at an end.

Not right away unfortunately, as we’re headed to the PC Gamer showdown this weekend, but we will put up an article tonight, and we promise a multitude of recaps and previews (yes previews, we’re becoming real games journalists!) once we return.

Dante out.


1 Response to “Internet Get!”

  1. 1 Mike
    September 25, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    He may have been the one you paid to sit in your house all day, but I think it was clear which one of us was the better Rainbow Six player.

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