Ludo – Infinite Undiscovery

New clip hit Gametrailers here, treating us to some wooden facial animations and wonderfully obscure exposition:

“Man enjoyed great prosperity by harnessing the power of the moon.

Until the Order appeared, and ensnared the moon with chains.

The land began to bleed.”

Finally, a plotline from Square that I can really empathise with. It’s time we remembered how important the moon is in all our lives.

The trailer sees a welcome return to characters shouting what they’re doing as they do it, which, coupled with some typically awful voice acting means laughs for all. Props especially to the bad guy, who comes complete with ludicrous moon-related motivations.

The few moments of actual gameplay footage that are in the trailer look a lot more interesting than the story twaddle, and there’s evidence of the high production values typical of Square Enix titles, with a lovely score already evident. It’s slated for release on Xbox 360 this September across the whole damn world.

Check it out if you want, but whatever you do, don’t try to unpack the actual meaning of the title, your sanity is worth more than the answers it would bring.

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