Ludo – Lego Indiana Jones

“A shiny new demo of the upcoming Lego Indiana Jones game landed earlier today!”

“What is this ‘Lego’ you speak of?”

“It’s these plastic blocks used to build little people and sometimes objects. In this case it’s a Lego recreation of quite-popular-but-not-as-good-as-Star-Wars film franchise Indiana Jones.”

“Interesting, so does that mean that the game is essentially not quite as good as it’s amazingly popular Star Wars predecessors?”

“It seems the answer is unfortunately yes, it’s exactly the same sidescrolling platforming simplicity we’ve seen before from Lego Star Wars with a less popular franchise, but the sense of humour and general silliness is still here in abundance, so it’s still worth checking out for the laughs.”

“Laughs, you say. Tell me more…”

“Well, the keyboard controls are just awful so you’ll want to change them in settings or otherwise just hook up a game pad. You’ll get bloom lighting and depth of field effects if your PC is down with that sort of thing, the game couldn’t look much better. Also, remarkably, in spite of the sidescrolling screen to screen action there’s a fair amount of exploring to be done, with the option of free play with extra characters once you complete the mission. You’ll come back again to unlock those new areas, and there’s a few to be found in the demo alone. If you like your co-op then you’re in for a giggle as well as the format is perfectly suited for two players.”

“I’m still not quite convinced that this is worth my time, sirrah.”

“Then I shall use the following four words to sway you: Giant. Rolling. Lego, and boulder.”

“Sold. Bernard, fetch my gaming pipe and some pants – to the Personal Computing Machine!”


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