Dante: Today in Garry’s Mod – Part One

Garry’s Mod is the place to be if you like crackpot inventions, Man vs Horse investigates:

Project 1: Boat

Everyone builds a car in Garry’s Mod, there’s even a tutorial that tells you how to do so. Well I, Dante, abhor cliche and thus decided that other forms of transport would be investigated. Noticing the small lake present in our chosen level one idea jumped to the forefront of my mind… a boat!

Now there are boats in the Garry’s Mod toolbox already, they’re three types of decrepit rowing boat that are found by the side of the canals in Half Life 2. However none of them look very seaworthy, plus they’re kind of small, and this thing was supposed to carry Ludo, preferably without capsizing too often. The solution was simple, we would build a catamaran.


Isn’t she a beauty? Yes I know the nail gun is ugly, but you know what? It’s a lot easier to use than the weld tool, we went through three boats before we figured that one out. Note the thrusters (each mapped to different buttons, so I can steer) and the ‘safety cage’ of doors, so Ludo doesn’t fall off when it starts moving. I don’t really care much if he drowns, but it makes for better pictures if someone is on board, and I’m sure as hell not riding in this death trap.

And here he is, our intrepid adventurer, ready to set sail, figuratively speaking of course.


And thus began the maiden voyage of the MVH Boatmadeofdoors!


Look at him go!


And now for the obligatory artsy underwater shot.


And for those wondering, here is a Ludo’s eye view of proceedings.

Nails coming out of the floor, walls made of doors. Health and safety would have a field day.

I was so proud of my, ugly, ugly creation. So ungainly, yet it worked! A triumph of substance over style. Ludo however, had other ideas. While I was busily nailing things to other things he was playing about with textures, trails and paint and against my better judgment, decided to create a more ‘pimped out’* version.

Nonsense! ‘Tis a thing o’ beauty, yarr! - Ludo

Look at it!

Not only is it hideous but the layers of paintwork appear to have somehow destabalised it, resulting in this:

“Anything can happen in the next half hour!” Stingraaaay, stingray!

Still, somehow in failure it has achieved more grace than it had in life.

Anyway, you people out there, have you any cool Garry’s Mod creations? Any stories of disastrous failures for you ambitious inventions? Does anyone read this thing at all? Use the handy comments function for such musings.

Coming Soon – Project 2: Hot Air Balloon.

*NB: Ludo has never actually used the phrase ‘pimped out’ in his life, he’s knows better, also I’d hit him if he did.


1 Response to “Dante: Today in Garry’s Mod – Part One”

  1. 1 Mike
    May 6, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    I’ve made many a genious contraption on Gmod, in the short space of time in which I played it. My favourite might be the customized helicopter, of which the tool is already built-in, kitted out with some nice thrusters and guns of various description and a nice “pod” cockpit.

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